Toxic Beauty - A Nasty Secret

February 20, 2021

Toxic Beauty - A Nasty Secret

Did you know the beauty industry has a nasty secret?

 Unfortunately when it comes to skincare and cosmetics, the regulations are lax “organic” and “natural” does not always mean the product contains solely natural or organic ingredients.

Your favourite makeup, face cream, body lotion, or cleanser may deliver short term smoothness and brightness, but it may disrupt hormones, expose you to known cancer causing pesticides, and deliver dangerous toxins that absorb and age your skin. That’s right, scary isn't it? 

Our skin is our largest organ and daily we expose it to hundreds of toxic synthetic nasties! As it is living and breathing anything you apply to it topically is likely to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream,  Transdermal patches like Nicotine patches prove this.

The good news is by being a little more aware you can change this. Choose to be more aware and read every ingredient on your labels.....learn the lingo! Then work on replacing bad for good. Just like food you have to be vigilant as its surprising how many product formulations are change without the consumer knowing.  

I know how hard it can to be to get it 100% perfect but any step, no matter how small it be gets you closer to living a much healthier life. 

I would also like to challenge you with spreading the word to one of your family member or friends.  Being a more informed shopper starts with education and so many people out there have no idea that chemicals in products we use every day are harmful to themselves and their families.

So now lets take a little time to review some of the biggest offenders.  These are the Top 6 ingredients to avoid at all costs.  You will find many more out there but I wanted to make it simple and give you a place to start.  


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