How to prevent muscle aches and pains

How to prevent muscle aches and pains

Muscle and joint pain is a very common problem in cold weather. It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, working on your basic fitness or do very little exercise at all, muscle pain can dramatically affect your your day to day life.
Keep Moving: Daily exercises at fitness center or at home for 30-45 minute. Include strength training, cardio and flexibility exercises to keep those cold weather aches away.
Stay Hydrated: With cold weather, sometimes our water consumption decreases. Water helps keep your system balanced, your joints lubricated and your system flowing. It helps in removal of wastes and helps your body run smoothly.
Stay Warm: When temperatures drop, try to keep yourself warm. Take warm showers or baths, dress in layers during the day (including gloves and warm socks), use an electric blanket at night, or crank up the heat inside your home.
Take it easy: Don’t strain your joints if you don’t have to. Let someone else lift those heavy boxes.
Take Supplements : Magnesium plays many crucial roles in the body, such as supporting muscle and nerve function and energy production. Vitamin D , we get less than necessary sunlight and we are more susceptible to being Vitamin D deficient.
If you're finding that the cooler weather is upsetting your muscles and joints, you could try using heat therapy to relax and soothe them: a warm magnesium bath, a muscle balm and heat pad or a hot water bottle. Also a float session to relax the body and mind can work wonders.

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