Our teenage years can be some of the most stressful of our lives,  especially when it comes to our skin. As our bodies change and hormones take control, breakouts and skin issues can make you self conscious and unsure of how to treat them.  To help ease the frustration, we have created this guide designed to provide the best care for sensitive and hormonal young skin.

Although teenage skin is young and delicate, its also highly temperamental, making it particularly tricky to care for. Ideally, parents should encourage a daily teen skincare routine consisting of a balancing cleanser, freshener and moisturiser, plus a weekly gentle exfoliating treatment to ensure skin is kept hydrated, oil production controlled, and harmful bacteria removed.

While it might be easier to get the girls on board with teenage skincare, boys are often harder to convince when it comes to developing a routine, so it's essential to stress the importance of natural skincare for teenage skin to minimise breakouts.

Below you will find some extra tips to get your skin on its way to looking its best.

  • Avoid squeezing or popping your pimples, and stop touching your face! The more you touch or squeeze  your acne, the more sebum your skin will produce. It also transfers bacteria and dirt from you fingers to other areas of your face increasing the chance of another breakout. It will take more time for your pimples and blackheads to clear up  because of the inflammation and irritation that can possibly occur.


  • Wash your face ...... Its absolutely crucial to clean your face thoroughly at night . Do not go to bed with out cleansing!  At night your skin works on rejuvenating cells and if its clogged with make up or dirt it is working to expel those nasties instead of doing what nature intended..


  • Don’t forget to treat and  moisturize after washing your face. Make sure its a product that is especially created for acne prone skin.  Washing can strip your skin of natural lipids, so put a moisturizer that suits your skin type (sensitive, normal, dry, oily, or combination) so that your body will not produce extra oil that may cause your skin to be more susceptible to breakouts.


  • Do your research! make sure the products you use are going to work in harmony with your skin . Many skin care products created for acne type skin have benzoyl peroxide. This not only bleaches your towel but makes your skin extremely dry. This in turn creates a problem as your skin will produce more oil to counteract this. Then sensitivity is likely to take hold and the cycle continues.


  • Be sure to wash your face after sport.  It’s no secret that sweat clogs pores, so a freshener spray and some cotton pads with you when you know you are going to be sweating.


  • Use products that have natural bacteria inhibitors. oils are fine even if you have a tendency to oiliness, but the right oil combination is crucial.


  • Staying hydrated with water is really important , our bodies need water to hydrate our cells. It also is important to reduce acid in our bodies and flush out toxins and waste. Be sure to drink at least 2 litres daily. During winter you can substitute some of your water intake for an organic herbal tea. But under no circumstances think that soft drink or juice is a good alternative.  


  • Always keep in mind that even though these tips work for some, it does not necessarily mean that it might work for you too. Whichever solution is best for you, keep it as a part of your daily routine. No matter what technique you choose on how to clear up acne, you need to remember that your acne problems will never be solved overnight.




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