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 Hello and Welcome to the Brooklan Tree Website
Hello and welcome to my website

My name is Cass Minchenberg and I am the founder of Brooklan Tree an All Natural and Organic range of skin and baby care products.

This page was created to allow you to discover  a little more about  how Brooklan Tree came to fruition and why it became such an obsession for me.

Please read on.  I do hope you enjoy !!
From an early age I discovered the wonders of skincare and make up -- beautiful colours and aromas enticed me into an industry that still remains one of the largest in the world.  Unfortunately over the years I have learnt that things are not always what they seem.
The term natural is commonly used in product descriptions and names.  Do you know that this does not always mean that the product is in fact free of chemicals and totally natural? It is disappointing that a product can be called natural when in fact it contains Silicone, an extremely toxic chemical, one of thousands that are hidden in skin, personal and baby care products.
 As a salon owner I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to research and use natural alternatives to the chemical laden products on the market and found that products do not need chemicals to give skin the ability to renew, heal and repair.
Over many years I became more and more concerned about the adverse reactions that clients were experiencing with some products and I decided that it was time to develop a range of skin care that I knew people could trust.
Using my knowledge of the many exquisite ingredients available today I began a long journey of developing a range of skin care that was safe, effective and affordable. Brooklan Tree is created from the purest and finest botanical ingredients the world has to offer. I also decided to include as many certified organic ingredients as possible as I wanted to give my customers the very best products available. 
Before my eyes, clients, friends and family embraced Brooklan Tree as improvements to their skin became evident and Brooklan Tree was born. 
My inspiration behind the name Brooklan are my three beautiful children Brooke, Dylan and Christian and I chose a Tree as to me it was the perfect symbol as it represented growth, renewal and family. 
After many years working throughout the beauty and health industry I have learnt that we alone are responsible for the well being of our families and ourselves.
I urge you to refrain from the use of products that contain chemicals and toxins, read labels and become aware of the dangers. This can make a wonderful difference in your life. 
At Brooklan Tree we recognise the need to minimize our worlds waste so we only use recyclable packaging and constantly encourage our customers to recycle. 
I am delighted that my customers are enjoying Brooklan Tree so much and I love to read the many messages I receive as it lets me know that I am following the right path.  Being able to help someone who is unhappy with their skin is so rewarding I feel blessed that I am able to do this. 
I believe we need a healthy balance in our lives to maintain harmony, health and wellbeing.


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