Why choose Brooklan Tree products?

Brooklan Tree skin care is made from the purest and finest natural botanical ingredients the world has to offer. We source certified organic ingredients for their pure qualities. We also believe in protecting our ingredients environment by sourcing these ethically.


Are your products 100% organic?

Our products cannot currently be sourced from 100% organic ingredients. The full range of necessary ingredients to create our products is simply not available from 100% organic sources. We will continue to source organic ingredients as they become available.


Are Brooklan Tree products tested on animals?

Our products are formulated without animal ingredients or testing. In fact this was one of the reasons why Cassandra created Brooklan Tree skin care as there are still too many products on the market that test on animals. Brooklan Tree is PETA and Choose Cruelty Free Accredited (CCF) ensuring you of our commitment to respecting all forms of life. The criteria for accreditation as a cruelty-free company remain the most stringent in the world.


Do I need to shake the freshener before use?

We recommend that you give your favourite Brooklan Tree facial freshener a light shake before use to combine the herbal extracts that may settle.


Can I remove my eye make up with the Facial Cleansing Emulsion?

Yes If the skin is not sensitive Facial Cleansing Emulsion makes a wonderful eye make up remover and also effectively removes waterproof eye make up.


I like to use a toner on my skin are the facial fresheners the same?

Brooklan Tree facial fresheners are used in the same way that you would use a facial toner. We do not refer to them as toners as the name toner tends to be associated with alcohol which can be extremely drying and irritating on the skin. Our fresheners do not contain alcohol so your skin will remain hydrated after use.


Why is my Essential Facial Moisture Cream a different colour and has a different aroma this time?

Essential Facial Moisture is created with an array of beautiful ingredients including certified organic infused Calendula extract. As with nature the Calendula flower comes in many shades of yellow. At different times of the year our extract colour varies due to the colours of the flowers extracted. You will find that the colour of Essential Facial Moisture will vary from a lovely pale custard to a beautiful buttery yellow, so we like to think it's a little surprise when you open your jar.

The aroma can also change slightly per season due to the carrot extract which at times can be sweet or or at other times green and earthy. Much like the taste of carrots when you eat them.

Please note: This does not change the quality or efficiency of our most loved and biggest selling product.


Do I really need to use a mask? If so, why?

Yes. Regular use of facial masks for your skin type and condition keeps your skin toned, just like regular exercise keeps your body in shape.


I have dark circles under my eyes. Do you have any products that may help?

Dark circles can appear under the eyes for two primary reasons: The first being pigmentation issues and the second being fragile capillaries that exist in the delicate eye-area are often damaged and broken. The breaking of these fragile capillaries leads to blood leakage in the tissues which creates the discoloration we are familiar with. In most cases, it is the fragile capillary problem just noted - rather than a pigmentation condition.


When these capillaries are damaged and leak beneath the surface, blood becomes oxidized within the tissues. This is what creates the dark coloring. When choosing products for the eye area look for the ingredient Arnica. This wonderful herb serves to heal and strengthen capillaries.


Massaging the eye area can help clear dark circles. With nothing but your ring fingers apply a nice thick layer of Brooklan Tree Eye Cream to the area with dark circles. Using your ring fingers and *light as a feather* pressure, gently work your finger tips in tiny circular motions from the inner corner of your eye, across the dark circles, and over to your temples. To stimulate the lymphatic circulation, you must not apply too much pressure. Continue this same process three times. Now, move your fingertips slightly down and repeat the above - three times. Move down slightly once again - and repeat 3 times. You can do this as often as twice a day.


I have dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis. What product in the Brooklan Tree range can I use to help this skin condition?

For dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis sufferers we always recommend Essential facial moisture cream our customers love this cream as it has many ingredients renowned for their healing and anti inflammatory properties.


When I use Maple and Cinnamon Facial Scrub my face becomes red and tingly. Is this normal?

Cinnamon is very stimulating and warming it helps bring blood to the upper layers of the dermis. This in turn, oxygenates the skin cells. Please note that this tingling sensation will not occur on everyone’s skin. If you have very sensitive skin we suggest you try our new Hibiscus Exfoliant as this is more gentle.


My Skin has been sunburnt and I now have a red irritation. Do you have a product that will help?

Brooklan Tree Green Tea Facial Freshener is perfect for skin irritations as it has cucumber and aloe vera which are anti-inflammatory and soothing. Also apply Essential facial moisture cream as this will help soothe and heal the tissues.


Does the Facial Cleaning Emulsion wash off easily?

Facial cleansing is water soluble and does not leave the skin feeling greasy. It can be washed of easily in the shower, or removed with a damp muslin cloth or clean face washer.


My Liquid Mineral Foundation bottle pump does not work. Also there is no dispenser tube inside.

Our liquid Mineral Foundation is packed in an airless bottle. There is no tube inside.  If you turn the bottle upside down you will see a small hole. When the bottle is pumped air is drawn in through this hole to create a vacuum effect allowing the plug inside to push out product. you may find you need several pumps to get it going. If you are still having difficulty

  • With a pen tip insert into the hole on the bottom to make sure it is clear. 
  • Also make sure the top is screwed on tightly.  

If all else fails please leave us a message below.


Do you refill?

We do not refill packaging as there is a potential risk of contamination. 


Does Brooklan Tree use recyclable packaging for its products?

Our concern for the environment has led to the use of recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging such as glass, recyclable plastic and aluminum. 


Why do you use aluminum packaging and is it safe?

We use some aluminum packaging as it is non-breakable and protects the product from sunlight. Our aluminum bottles are lined with a safe, inert resin, which is perfectly suited to skincare ingredients. 


How do I store my Brooklan Tree products?

Store your products away from full sunlight and heat as pure essential oils and essential fatty acids do not tolerate high temperatures and UV light well. 


Why does my hair feel dry after using Essential Shampoo and Essential Conditioner?

You may experience a hair detox for the first few weeks if you've been using hair care with silicone derivatives eg cyclomethicone and dimethicone. Your hair may feel knottier and dryer than usual during the detox phase. Be assured, it will improve as your hair is allowed to come back to its natural equilibrium with its natural oils (sebum).



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