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 Dylan Minchenberg Photography ...... Based in Adelaide and highly recommended by us..... for all of your photography needs. Dylan is a pro with the camera and can capture your special event like no other! 


Potted Thoughts ....... have created a living gift by selecting long living plants presented in beautiful pots to suit any decor. Give the gift that keeps on living.



Infinite Styling ..... Steph Vaughan Personal Stylist Adelaide offers Wardrobe edits, shopping, & styling for everyday women along with workshops, corporate and event styling. Unlock your style.



The Chiropractic Works ...... believe in and promote total family health. We are focused on providing unique, family oriented, professional Chiropractic health care services. We offer a warm, fun, friendly environment to compliment our commitment to total family health.The Chiropractic Works also provides wellness and maintenance Chiropractic care to elite athletes and professional sportsmen/women. We aim to improve performance, prevent injury and maximise athlete’s potential, while educating them about the importance of correct spinal and neurological function.



 Starr Naturopathy  ...... Naturopathy is based around the holistic view of treating the whole person. Our mind, body and spirit are all interconnected, and if one aspect is out of alignment, then a shift can occur in other areas of the body. 

If you have any particular health concerns, you just want to feel healthier and more vibrant, or you require preventative medicine then feel free to book an appointment.  We will talk all things health, past-issues, family history, diet, lifestyle, and much more.

I am currently offering Online and In-Clinic consultations and would love to help you feel your absolute best.



 PAINT Make Up School  .....  We provide training programs for professional makeup artists and also for everyday women who would like to learn from the pro’s. We focus on training you to your full creative potential. Our trainers are leaders in their field of expertise and can provide up to date information and knowledge to our students. Natasha Stone is the director of PAINT. Their extensive experience provides a perfect platform to educate up and coming artists to high industry standards.



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