Winter-proof guide to smooth hands

Winter-proof guide to smooth hands

Rough hands, split nails and cracked cuticles dont have to be just be a part of Winter. It's time to say no more and get your hands looking incredible. Read on for the latest ways to keep them soft and super smooth.


Frequent handwashing is a sign of the times, but constant exposure to water and soap breaks down the healthy fatty compounds in the top layers of your skin, causing dryness and irritations including dermatitis and eczema. To counteract this use lukewarm water to wash and use a soap containing hydrating ingredients. shea butter, aloe or plant based oils are excellent ingredients to look for when choosing a wash. When washing dishes pop on some gloves.


We can't always wash our hands so using a hand sanitiser is the next best defence against harmful germs. There are so many options available on the market these days it can be really confusing. It's important to look for one that meets the world health organisation standard of 60% or more to protect and kill germs. Also look for one that contains extra ingredients for protecting the skin for example aloe and vitamin e. 


The skin on the hands is constantly exposed to the elements and is thinner and more susceptible to damage. Moisturising is the key to keeping your hands soft and supple, so keep a cream in your bag containing jojoba, vitamin e, aloe and shea. Reapply as often as needed. When using face products rub the excess into your hands as well. As an added treat and to get the most out of your moisturiser use a product like our Instant Manicure 2 -3 times a week.  This exfoliates and protects your skin from harsh soaps and sanitisers.



Cuticles create a barrier for your growing nails, preventing these vulnerable new areas from becoming exposed to dirt, debris, and bacteria while they grow. It’s best to avoid peeling or clipping them off entirely since bacteria can encroach and cause infection. use a good quality nail oil daily to help your nails stay nourished, grow and stop your cuticles fraying.



Nails can be a reflection of your inner health and dietary habits, so if you feed nails with the correct nutrients they will grow stronger and be more resilient to breakage. Good foods include cucumbers, barley, oats, root veggies , leafy greens, raw nuts and seeds. A suplement containing silica and biotin is also an added bonus. 

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