Facial Cleansing Emulsion

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With uplifting aromas of certified organic Bergamot peel, Sweet Orange peel and Neroli blossom, Facial Cleansing Emulsion by Brooklan Tree works to thoroughly cleanse the skin and dissolve impurities.

A non greasy, creamy face cleanser that is perfect for cleansing the entire face including the eye area. Just the product to remove waterproof eye make up effortlessly.


Suitable for : All skin types


Use daily by massaging a small amount in a circular motion over  face and neck area .. Wipe clean with a damp face washer or Pure Cleansing Cloth. Follow up with your favourite Brooklan Tree Facial Freshener. 


Bergamot peel oil, neroli blossom, green tea leaf extract.






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Customer Reviews

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Julie Henderson
Brooklan Tree

Love the Facial Cleansing Emuksion. Lives in the shower and I use it everyday. Refreshes my face and makes me feel alive. All the products I have used from Brooklan are wonderful. I live in the country and order online and the products are always at my door in a couple of days! Also love the samples that come with my order ❤️

Terrie Hayes

I love using this cleanser as I find it very effective without being too rich.. very light and an amazing subtle orange scent!

Susan A.
Highly recommended

This is the best cleanser, it doesn't dry skin like some cleansers can plus it’s excellent for removing eye makeup.

It lasts a long time as you only need one pump to clean your whole face.

Highly recommended!

Simonne O.

I am SO Happy to have received my new products again. I ran out and then one thing happened after the other and I postponed my order for new products. My skin was playing up and being difficult and as soon as I received my products - my skin changed positively - almost instantly. One wash and it was about 15% better. With the second was: 50% better. I am SO pleased to be using these products and will definitely make sure that I never run out again. This is only my SECOND order. I'm 46 years old and have struggled with my skin for 23 years. Brooklan Tree Facial Cleansing Emulsion and the Moisturiser are the first products I've found that not only make my skin look letter; but it feels amazing. Texture, colour, pores, redness. blackheads, occasional pimples. I have it all. I've spent thousands on various products. Ones with Fruit Acids and Active ingredients, abrasives, peels, gentle products, shelf products, salon products, monthly facials - urrrrgh. My skin has never been as amazing as right now. I love Brooklan Tree and I can very strongly recommend that everybody gives their incredible, CRUELTY FREE products a chance. Simply AMAZING. Congratulations to the Creators! And a big thank you to my new and fabulous Facial Therapist - JO; for introducing me ;)

Wow!! Thank you so very much for your glowing review . Our lovely stockist Jo at Revive Beauty is amazing! Thank you also for loving Brooklan Tree <3

Norah B.
Facial cleansing emulsion

Amazing product!!

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