These are the only products I can use on my super sensitive skin. I must say it is fabulous my skin has never been better - people are actually commenting on the texture! I can even see a reduction in the lines!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!
Louise Maloney SA


Thank you so much I really love the pedi products, the smells were gorgeous. I Love IT!!!!!
Zoe Sheridan NSW


I am so happy with my new beauty regime. I have always had 'problem' skin, frequent breakouts, clogged pours, oily T zone, I haven't found a product I have been 100% happy ever! Of course until now. Friends and family have even commented on my skin, saying how healthy it is looking, they have really noticed a difference. The best thing is I have finally found a facial moisturiser that does not leave my skin feeling oily. I can honestly say I look forward to cleaning my face at the end of the day and don't find it a drag anymore. Thanks Cass for a great product range!! Even my husband has started using the product. Keep up the good work!
Suzanne SA

The maple & cinnamon scrub smells divine, is deep cleansing, soft on the skin and you only need a small amount. My skin looks great!
Rebecca SA


Thank you very much for your very beautiful products. I am very happy with them. They feel so rich, nourishing and alive but not oily/greasy. For me low scent is also very important, and they are subtle and yet very fresh and pleasing.
Janine Jaeger SA


I just want to say how much I am enjoying the products. I'm used to skin care products leaving my skin either too oily or too dry, but these leave my skin feeling great.
Kelly Morris USA

I am enjoying using your hand care products. I hate using orange sticks and if I use your nail oil once or twice the cuticles migrate back where they should be in no time. The hand cream dissolves easily into the skin, I rarely get to the end of a cream, they so often disappoint. To start with if my hands are horrid I use the wonderful ‘instant manicure’ and it’s often all I need. To really pamper myself I follow with the nail oil and hand cream the same evening.
Irene Filsell SA


I just wanted to provide you with some feedback because being a business owner myself, I know how important it is. I am excited to tell you that your products are fabulous. I was surprised with your nail oil, exfoliater and hand cream for Christmas. My nails have never looked so good. Your products are great and I find it amazing how you are producing them from your own kitchen. Job well done, I will spread the word where I can.

Regards, Dani VIC



I must say that I have tried so many moisturisers that my purse aches and I was very relieved to find your moisturiser. I find that yours is absorbed by my skin very quickly and my skin feels supple and moisturised. All the other products I have tried leave my face feeling dry like I still need to moisturise or feeling really oily as it simply doesn’t absorb.

Thank you for creating this product! Lynda SA


Hi Just wanted to thank you, I came across your range early this year and wanted to let you know that I have been getting lots of comments on how good my skin looks. I am really happy that I have found a product range that my skin loves.. Well done!!

Julie B WA


I absolutely LOVE the AcFree Serum! It is amazing, it also works extremely well with ingrown hairs on men or women!!

Tammie SA - Salon Owner


I really wanted to tell you was how timely was the sample of eye cream you included, I currently have had inflammation develop under my eye and trying all sorts of remedies to calm it to no avail, however, really rapt to say it is 90% gone after using the eye cream.

Sheryl Lewis - SA


I really love the Hibiscus Exfoliant and it felt so soothing and nourishing on my skin, great product! I had recently had some facial waxing done and as always had a pimple breakout, but this product felt really nice on my skin and definitely played a part in the skin repair.Thanks so much for creating such lovely products!

Deb Strevens - SA


I was first introduced to your company and products during a workshop quite a few years ago  when you were just starting up.  In recent times, I was reminded of your company when I noticed a work colleague with your product in her office. I returned to your products during my search for reasonably priced, locally produced organic products.  I have since placed a few orders resulting in my bathroom vanity resembling a Brooklan Tree product counter.

 I commend you on your product, and especially your service excellence.  You never fail to amaze me with the promptness of my deliveries after I have placed my online order.  My most recent order was placed last night, and I received my order this afternoon. 

 I feel like a VIP client and you have certainly won my brand loyalty. I adore the products and look forward to trying more of your range.

 Karen Ingleby -SA


Your products are an absolute God send for nappy bags! I've been told they are my "go to""for all new parents. 

Lauren - NSW

I apply the AC free as soon as I feel a spot coming up, the severity is reduced and the healing time is quicker. I think that your products have really helped balance out my skin, which I think is also helping with a reduction in the amount of spots I get. I tend to be oily t zone/normal cheeks. over the last 5 years I've had every oil free/blackhead clearing/acne wash/proactive etc that I can get my hands in with no result, so it was really nice to find your products! I've definitely learnt that harsh treatment isn't always the best. Also, I just wanted to say how much I love your products! All my facial products are from your range! What an awesome local business with great philosophies!! 

Emma - SA


I had VERY oily skin, the lead makeup artist from Makeup Studio once told me to see a dermatologist because it was so so oily. 

I've been using the schedule you gave me  for 6 days now, day and night. Wow, I've seen a real improvement already! I wish I had done a blotting paper test of my skin before because I feel like there has been REAL improvement! The pores on my nose even appear smaller. 

 I've had one or two little spots but NOTHING like I would get before. These spot are just small and red and the AC serum gets rid of them pretty much in two days.

So i, just wanted to let you know how it was going and how much I'm loving the results. I'm going to do my exfoliation and mask tomorrow night, looking forward to that!

Thanks again!

Ling - SA

I must say that the Essential Facial Moisturise saved me 2 nights ago when my daughter was in pain from itching, she had a lot of mosquito bites on her so I put the moisturiser on and instantly she calmed down!! She has had bites before and nothing helped. It really amazed me how fast it helped her.
Also I only had to apply it once at night and once the following day! Then she hasn't itched since!

Bonnie - SA


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