Rosehip Oil - Certified Organic

Brooklan Tree


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Introducing our beautiful NEW Rosehip Fruit Oil

Certified organic and sourced solely to contain potent antioxidants and fatty acids to make it extremely effective for scars including acne, ageing skin and stretch marks.

A few drops applied nightly can make the world of difference to the appearance of your skin.



  Apply a few drops nightly to clean skin



Rosehip Eglanteria Fruit Oil.*

*certified organic ingredient








Rosehip Eglanteria Fruit Oil.*

*certified organic ingredient








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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Teresa Mori
Rose hip oil

Easy to apply. Nourishing on my dry skin. Feels like it calms my skin too

Sue T.
Suits the age of my

Suits the age of my skin and gives it a lift each time I apply it

Amazing Product

I won this as part of an Instagram prize and had never used before. I’ve been using it daily for the last few weeks and the results have been incredible. My skin is glowing, soft and subtle. I’m both surprised and delighted! Will definitely be using this product going forward.

You think you've tried Rosehip Oil until.... discover this divine oil from Brooklan Tree! I've tried many different brands of Rosehip Oil over the years and thought I'd tried the 'best of the best'...or so we're told....until, having loved so many other Brooklan Tree products, I decided to give their Rosehip Oil a go. And oh my goodness, there is nothing that compares to this exquisite oil! As soon as I felt it, I knew something was very different with this Rosehip Oil...first of all it just 'feels' different...more 'fatty and potent' and by that I'm trying to describe how it feels when you just can feel it's chockers full of all the beautiful elements that Rosehip Oil is renowned for. Many brands explain the benefits and what Rosehip Oil is made from, and whilst it's true for the oil they are using....this Rosehip Oil is actually, factually different and superior than other Rosehip Oils....I never knew there were multiple types! And the proof is in what it has already done for my skin....and it's only been a month or two....firstly I have a scar that is 6 months old, still had puffiness surrounding, redness, uneven healing etc. this Rosehip Oil has calmed the swelling and redness, and the skin texture looks so much better! Secondly, I have a few cartilage piercings and I take ages to heal...I had two a year ago, yep it takes me that long to heal!... one had settled and healed but the other was still giving me grief a year later!...having tried salt soaks, piercing sprays etc. I thought I'd just be dealing with a bit of pain til it healed ...until I had the bright idea of giving the Brooklan Tree Rosehip Oil a go...just a few drops on a Q tip every few days, wiped gently over and around the pierced area front and back....within a few days my piercing has settled and is largely fully healed! Needless to say I'll never be without this glorious potion! Thanks again Brooklan Tree for making such exquisite products....I'm up to 14 products now and I love them all! x

Very happy

I bought this as my skin was becoming dull, uneven and dry (oily T-zone but dry cheeks and around my mouth) over winter. I've used it for a few weeks now to really see how it works and I'm very happy with the results. My skin tone has evened out, it's not longer dry (and it thankfully hasn't worsened my already oily forehead and nose), and it looks brighter/fresher. It also leaves my skin smooth and I don't find I need as much moisturiser. I'll see how I go over summer but this will definitely become part of my winter skin care regime.

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